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Environmentally friendly deceased preparation

The truly green approach to deceased preparation

Andrew Malcolm

Andrew, Managing Director of the Kapiti Coast Funeral Home developed ecoprep in 2008 as a natural alternative to embalming, As inquiries for more natural preparations of the deceased skyrocketed and there was nothing available on the market to use


This is …
not a new chemical
not a new product
not a replacement
for embalming
it is a technique.

A technique offering a choice
between embalming and nothing.

A technique allows a natural
and toxin-free return to nature.

dry ice prep

Body preservation

A technique offering the ability to take the deceased home for a short time without embalming.

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Cardboard Caskets
Basket Weave Caskets

We believe in
eco principals
and having as small a footprint as possible on this planet, but not all caskets are made in environmentally sustainable ways

Be kind to the Earth in Life, be gentle in Death

In New Zealand, wood is the most sustainable as it is a plantation product

Natural Burials at Otaki
& Makara Cemetery

40 Anzac Road, Ōtaki.

237 Makara Road, Makara, Wellington

Otaki Cemetery Map

Makara Cemetery Map

If you would like to know more about ecoprep you can download a brochure or contact us directly

Andrew: Managing director of the Kapiti Coast Funeral Home and you can call to find out more about the process call 042985168