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About Eco Prep

Natural Funerals
And Preparations

The topic of Natural Funerals covers a wide range of issues from the full “natural burials”, in special burial grounds, to simple choices throughout the funeral process that minimises the environmental impact and carbon footprint. As the Managing Director of the Kapiti Coast Funeral Home, the, how to do this in our industry has led me to develop new ways of doing things.

Deceased Options
There are many Eco-friendly caskets available, in fact so many that we can’t carry them all in stock. We do have many in our catalogue which can be obtained within 48 hours. The two most used we do have in stock at all times are:
The ‘Plain Pine Box’, called a Settler Casket
This is made of Pine ‘seconds’ and supplied with rope handles.
The ‘Crafted Pine’ This is made from NZ pine ‘firsts’ and supplied with finely crafted wooden handles that are more comfortable to carry with.
As mentioned, there are many more eco-friendly caskets available including bamboo, ply, woollen, and Cane. Some of the suppliers include TenderRest, Return to Sender, and Natural Legacy. We can obtain caskets from all these and many other suppliers.
Deceased Preparations
There are preparation options available that minimise the harmful effects of chemicals on the environment.
Simply doing nothing to the deceased does not rid the body of harmful toxins in the body or the chemicals induced through medications during the later stages of illness.
There are two options we suggest for eco-friendly preparations of the deceased:

  1. Low index embalming 
    This use of very low-index chemicals is commonly used for sanitisation and short-term preservation of the deceased.
  2. Ecoprep – A truly natural preparation process developed by Managing Director Andrew Malcolm, which cleanses and sanitises the body with an arterial wash but does not preserve the tissue. This leaves the body truly formaldehyde free and slows the body’s deterioration to a natural time frame. The limitation of this technique is the time the body can be kept between death and the funeral.
  3. Ecoprep is distributed through the arterial system, diluting and flushing out many toxins, chemicals, and drugs from the blood.
    The solutions used in the arterial wash are not preservatives, but simply cleansers, consisting of pH correctors and arterial conditioners.  While these same solutions are commonly used in the process of “pre-injection” sometimes used by funeral service professionals prior to traditional embalming, it is important to note that no formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, or other preservatives are used in the process.
    The body surface (skin) is sponge-washed with antiseptic oils such as Eucalyptus Oil, and the body orifices, mouth etc, are cleaned with stronger antiseptic oils, such as Tea Tree Oil.
    In the ecoprep process the mouth is closed with natural unbleached ligature and the eyes are closed using the old-fashioned technique of cotton soaked with oil – usually tea tree oil.
    Body tissue is left cleansed and in a natural state, and the deceased is usually available for viewing
    for the following 2 to 3 days.

We are driven by a desire to do it better and cleaner

We want to leave as little impact on the earth as possible
and help others to do the same